Kimi no Na wa. (Your Name.) 2016 Full Movie HD Online

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Your Name. 2016 Full Movie

Kimi no Na wa. (Your Name.) 2016 Watch Online :

Type: Movie
Aired: Aug 26, 2016
Producers: Kadokawa Shoten, Toho Company, Lawson HMV Entertainment, Amuse, East Japan Marketing & Communications
Licensors: FUNimation Entertainment
Studios: CoMix Wave Films
Genres: Drama, Romance, School, Supernatural
Duration: 1 hr. 46 min.
Rating: PG-13 – Teens 13 or older
English: Your Name.
Japanese: 君の名は。

More infor: Your Name. Wikipedia

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  • Papsy


    • Jonah

      What did we do to deserve this crap

      • Tyler McCartney

        Just imagine If they didn’t attempt to put your soul back together and just ended the movie with them walking across the bridge each looking back one at a time and deciding not to act.

        • May H

          Thats what happened in 5 centimeters per second lol

          • Jayvee Pabulayan

            Well Fvck it off, I’m murdered emotionally! and I wouldn’t dare to watch that 5 centimiters per second cuz’ I’m not that fool to kill my own sanity lol

          • May H

            Lmao after watching 5 cm per second i couldnt stop crying the movie is good but i just cant stand sad endings

        • Yitzchaq

          5 centimeters per second 🙁 ,who ever read this, WATCH IT! it’s good

  • Jonah

    What levels of hell did they come from to end it like that

  • Andrew Gonzalez

    And you haven’t watched 5 Centimeters Per Second, this Director really loves to see you suffering xd

    • Victory

      I don’t think I completed that movie, I was to heartbroke during it and had to stop. haha *sighs* u_u

    • Jayvee Pabulayan

      open ending lol. made me ask of what happened

      • Yitzchaq

        It’s not open ending , you should watch other films of makoto shinkai, This is the best ending he can offer!! and It’s THE BEST!

  • Jezebel Escobedo

    I cried so hard at the end lol I never had an anime pull on my emotional strings like this. I loved it

  • Haider Jamal

    was a tough one . . . but a genuine one of its kind love story . . . .. !!
    was really relieved to see that mitsuha and her friends escaped the meteor . !!
    although the boring part was when the story writer was making them forget the whole incident and the name of each other .. i mean they lived in each others body…. . .. maybe the idea was that the work of god cannot exist in the minds of the living one . . thats why taki wasnt able to remember, the drinking of the sake at the place where the body of the shrine lives . !!
    magical one indeed. . !!

    • TamahomeNoMiko

      I think the concept there was because they were originally swapping places in alternate timelines, so, to change the past, the future would be changed as well and they would live on but forget anything that happen as a price for Mitsuha’s past being changed. Otherwise it would have turned into an alternate world story like Orange. I do like you way of thinking however 🙂

      • keioII

        If only their Reading Steiner were stronger. 😀

      • Dorell James Galang

        totally with you on this.

  • cjs

    fucking amazing love story and a unique one at that 10/10 on everything. P.S This is one of the only things that I really got emotionally attach too. P.P.S I’ve got a hart of steel and struggle to connect with others. ( ; ___ ; )

    • animegod23

      i feel the same man i have a heart of steel to i want to know if they end up together or not

  • Brandon Ehrman

    Jesus Christ this was good, I’ve only ever cried at one other anime before. This is great!

  • oopsboops

    Rewatching immediately. 😐

  • Liben Hagos

    Such a great movie but the ending sucks ass. They kept teasing us with them finally meeting eachother and when they finally do they are like “Your name is..?” what the fuck. Instead of saying “I love you” on the mountain the movie would have been 10 times better if they saved it for the end and had a reunion that wasn’t 2 seconds long holy shit that ending triggers me.

    • Jayvee Pabulayan

      It’s what makes that movie beautiful, it brought out our excitement, curiosity, and other freaking emotions lol. made you feel like crap who wants to know more about the story.

  • Oh hoho

    This is definitely, with no doubt, my favourite,

    • Gess32

      Agreed! I’ve seen some really good animes…. like, some really good animes. Like Golden Time. This anime was by far the best anime I’ve seen yet!

  • Steve

    Those last 20 min. had me dying. And I would have murderered the director if he made it end like he was setting it up to end

    • InfiniteX


    • Quinten De Vos

      Believe me it’s normal.
      who didn’t die while watching that isn’t human!
      the director was like”maybe… nah. or wil I? …nope! okay here, now happy?”

      • Elvira Du-Pont

        jajajajajaja XDDD exactly

    • Elvira Du-Pont

      jajajajaj the best part!!!!

    • Sophie Stays

      Omg I died, so many times in the last few minutes. My poor heart stopped right there, then I started crying. damn

  • poker sound

    What happen to the girl why she’s alive that comet soo going to town to destroy why plss make [YOUR NAME 2]

    • Yitzchaq

      DId you fully watch and understand the movie?? re watch it again -_-

  • smallangel717

    The movie is a little fast pace and the ending is very meaningful if I pair it with the name of the movie. One of my favorite movie now <3

  • This is so cool!

  • Haruka

    Love this movie

  • Collin Scott Williams

    Wow, right after I watched it it says that the file has been deleted due to copyright. I watched it just in time.

  • Simei Hipolio

    Is this the real movie?

  • Simei Hipolio

    Is this the real movie or just a cutted, mixed and edited one?

    • Real Movie

      • Simei Hipolio


      • HM420

        Is there also a english dubbed version available ( at best to stream ?!..), would be nice if you can maybe leave a link in here if so….

        Sincerely & thx..

        • dominichi

          No eng dub out currently there is a trailer of one on youtube of it coming out tho this year

          • HM420

            OK, I nearly thought so …. but thanks for your information 😉


  • nabel adapon

    nice ending.i thought the girl will die..good ending but im not satisfied on it ending 🙁

  • Maria Mae Dela Cruz

    I love this movie, I felt the roller coaster feelings and emotions through watching it. Love the ending, though I hope I can see them together as a couple.

  • OnyxSinon

    Don’t know why but i found that movie good, but not super good.

    • asasi

      same here, it’s good but not that great. I feel that their development of feeling is a bit missing.

  • JohnnyAppleseed

    Damn. This movie had me on the edge. I was truly in anticipation throughout the movie and I haven’t experienced this in a while. Really great movie.

  • Walter TA

    One of the best movies i have ever seen. It has all the emotions, almost made me cry 🙂

  • Jayvee Pabulayan

    Gave me goosebumps

  • Jose Espitia

    Loved it!

  • ryan migz

    Literally had me crying. I mean no other movie had made me cry except for like what, Five Centimeters per Second and Spirited Away. And now it’s even my favorite move whatthe heck?!

  • Shut up Nerd

    where is the HD?

  • william zhao

    I love how this movie reminds me that it is possible to miss something forever and never remember it again if you didn’t act quickly. Simply imagine how lame it will be if the boy didn’t start the search for the girl. Back then he didn’t even know the girl is dead.

  • Yongmei Ma

    时间错乱的相遇 空间交合,明明认识 喜欢着对方 可一直想不起来对方的名字,对方是谁…宝宝喜欢这类型的!😆😆😆❤️

  • iRenz Graal

    how to download this video?

  • Stardust

    I was dying the whole time! I can’t stop crying! 😭😭😭 I’m so sad and happy but then sad and happy ahhhhh why can’t my heart make up its mind, err emotion! This movie has topped most of the other anime movies in my book! Now its on the same level as spirited away but that’s my preference XD I give this 10000000+Infinite points I’m so impressed and happy!💜😍❤️

  • Twinkling Star

    It’s isn’t hd but it is must watch anime movie. So i’ll wait a little more for Real HD .

  • asasi

    it’s a heartwarming ending 🙂 not a sad one

  • Miguel Avila

    Theres no words for this anime its beautiful cant stop crying makes my heart feel so warm again.

  • Laine Yuson

    what the heck! just kiss!!! :((((

    • Abriano Munez

      i was thinking the same.. lol

  • Rachael Cook

    OMG!!! This was a really good movie!!! It was really deep and somewhat sad but good and inspirational? I guess lol I can see why it was sooooo popular in Japan and Korea!!! I’d totally recommend this to everyone!!! <3

  • dominichi

    This movie was amazing overall had me laughing so hard. i was crying towards ending too and im content with ending altho i do hate open endings like that but its way better than with what they did in 5 centimeter per second….i would have been extremely pissed if it ended without them talking in this movie too

  • majesticmermaids

    HD my ass. But does anyone know if this is about the only quality that’ll be online anywhere, since it’s not officially released yet?

  • Tomass Narutomass

    im crying inside !!!!

  • Jorkin

    It’s an okay movie. Felt a bit like 5 centimetres per second, with the whole ending scene. if I hadn’t had watched 5 centimetres per second, then this movie would have been great, but I had, so it seems to be a bit of a copy. Still, great movie , but a shitty ending, whatsoever.

    • Sai Bi

      is not copy, they came from the same director and the ending kinda gave us an imagination of a different ending of “5 centimeter per second“

  • I don’t know if there’s something wrong with my computer but this isn’t HD.

    • zoroarks

      yea its not, there’s no better version on the internet atm

  • Amu~

    GAWWDDDD ;-;

  • Amu~

    i cried my eyes out the last 35 mins of it

  • DiaSweet

    full of emotions i cried the last 20 min …but i loved the ending finally they met up T_T <3

  • Jenna Arendse

    I want to die right now. My emotions are all over the place

  • Bishop Black

    so intens, this was absolutely fabulous

  • Miss Kuriyama Mirai

    it’s so emotional one…i started crying….
    i wanted to download but an’t able too….
    i just love this movie…

  • Tim

    What an amazing film!! As masterpiece!!

    And he kept that faded marker ink on his palm all that time? Damn, he must have never washed that hand again, or rather barely washed it from the point he forgot her name on that mountain.

  • Bannana-H

    Well… These days…… the CLIFF HANGERSZ!!! Need to kinda learn how to except that…..

  • Naoki Yoshikawa

    I don’t know where did they get this, but as one of Japanese animators, let me tell you guys “After you watch this movie here, please pay 20 dollars and watch it in theater.” Now our working environment has become more and more bad, even though アニメ (anime) is one of the most grossing properties in Japan. Actually we are engaging in massive works with minimal salaries. So I’d beg you guys “Please pay for this Shinkai’s masterpiece and help Japanese anime culture.

    • Erick Rixhe

      I would be easy if japanese films come to America, I heard about It and I wanted to watch It at the cinema but just few japanese films are showed. Fil rental stories are not popular all over the world, we cannot go to some place and buy an original Blu Ray.However some websites share the film for free, sometimes you go to look for information and try to buy It but they give it to you. We have to watch it in computer, but we really enjoyed It, sorry for do that, we respect Japan, we did not have another option.

    • sly

      Missed the film showing here in the Philippines, but I assure you I’ll buy the blu-ray release 🙂

  • Erick Rixhe

    The writers almost make me cry, I was awesome, It remindedr me the Butterfly Effect, but happily It have a different ending, Thank for this film, I would have liked watch it at the cinema but few japanese films come to all America, I would like this film were selected for the Oscars.

  • Keval Shah

    Amazing anime movie ever seen

  • August Eleven

    I honestly think this is the best ending that could happen. It’s not the typical happy ending style but you know it’s a happy ending. The ending leaves you with questions like, did they really end up together or what but yea, you can be sure they did. It’s a cliffhanger with answers. I love it!

  • August Eleven

    And the music is perf! Nothing more to say there.

  • Ranne Calilung

    what a cliff hanger huhuhuu

  • Hayhay ShaeShae

    I cry

  • Yaniham Yaj Eiuol

    I wish that there will be a sequel 🙂

  • cool cat2

    It made me have the feels